Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello Flowers

Year one, our first spring in our new home and I had fun planting.  This little bistro set we've had since our first apartment together somehow made its way to the front porch and it's better than nothing.  I'd like some standard height chairs at some point but that'll be awhile before that happens, not too high of a priority compared to everything else we want.  I've always loved Boston Ferns when I see them on other houses so figured I'd give them a go this year and so far, I'm loving the decision.  

I added some annuals to the main landscaping as well for a pop of color.  The pots for the other annuals definitely add to the overall color of this front porch.

The view looking once you walk out the front door and go to take a seat.  Red is also not my choice for the chair cushions but it is what came with them and for some reason finding new ones has been harder than I thought it would be, so they stay...for now.

I love putting my flowers in colorful pots and clustering them together.  The purple wooden planter is my favorite I scored from JossandMain a few years ago.  I'm sad to say I haven't found anything like it since then and really wish they'd bring these styles of planters back.  Oh and don't mind the patchy grass...we're still growing our lawn and we're still waiting for the landscapers to reseed our lawn since the first time didn't go so well (hence the patches) 

Okay I know this is pretty much the same picture but a little closer view at all those colors ::swoon::

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