Monday, August 8, 2016


To say my dad is the best is the understatement of the century.  I'm lucky enough that my dad can build anything I want and do it right.  He called me one day and said he was going to have two days where he would be able to build our builtins we wanted for the mudroom.  Done and done! 

We added beadboard to the back wall which will be the back of the cubbies.

We stained the bench and painted the rest of the wood white

We got hooks and added those in which look great.  Now I need to find baskets for those upper cubbies, the search is on!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello Flowers

Year one, our first spring in our new home and I had fun planting.  This little bistro set we've had since our first apartment together somehow made its way to the front porch and it's better than nothing.  I'd like some standard height chairs at some point but that'll be awhile before that happens, not too high of a priority compared to everything else we want.  I've always loved Boston Ferns when I see them on other houses so figured I'd give them a go this year and so far, I'm loving the decision.  

I added some annuals to the main landscaping as well for a pop of color.  The pots for the other annuals definitely add to the overall color of this front porch.

The view looking once you walk out the front door and go to take a seat.  Red is also not my choice for the chair cushions but it is what came with them and for some reason finding new ones has been harder than I thought it would be, so they stay...for now.

I love putting my flowers in colorful pots and clustering them together.  The purple wooden planter is my favorite I scored from JossandMain a few years ago.  I'm sad to say I haven't found anything like it since then and really wish they'd bring these styles of planters back.  Oh and don't mind the patchy grass...we're still growing our lawn and we're still waiting for the landscapers to reseed our lawn since the first time didn't go so well (hence the patches) 

Okay I know this is pretty much the same picture but a little closer view at all those colors ::swoon::

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello built ins

I've wanted a fireplace with built ins for as long as I can remember.  I know that sounds crazy but I love interior design, I love decorating, it's a hobby and a love of mine.  HGTV has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember and with Pinterest I can easily find pictures to relate to the ideas in my head.  The picture below is just one idea that I liked and could talk to my dad (my contractor) about, he likes to see pictures of what I'm imagining. 

Let's just take a look at what this space looked like before without any built ins...looks like it's missing something to me.

We're starting this project with cabinets on the bottom for now and we'll do the rest of the shelves up to the ceiling later.  My dad had some extra time and finished this up for me on a Saturday because he's the best :)  Just seeing these cabinets built I was so excited, I'm still excited, I love them!  This cabinets fit snug in their places along the fireplace.  

I also am a huge fan of Fixer Upper of HGTV and of course wanted to bring in some shiplap.  I thought it would be a great pop of texture to the fireplace wall and we went for it.  Here's a peak of the cabinets and shiplap on the wall. 

It's crazy to me what a difference paint makes.  I love white, it's bright and airy it pops.  This is all I'm going to share for now, I need to take a full picture still.  I definitely need to collect some things for these shelves but am happy with how I styled them for now.  Eventually there will be doors on the bottom and open shelves on top.  I just love how talented my dad is and how lucky I am to have him and of course my wonderful hubby who lets me decorate to my hearts content :)


Monday, February 22, 2016

Gallery Wall

I finally got some of our frames up on the wall.  Let me tell you, it feels so much more like home when you hang pictures and art.  there is something about personalizing your walls with your touches that bring that homey feel (in my opinion at least.)  I've always loved the Pottery Barn frames.  We received so many from our Wedding shower that in our old house we had gallery walls up the stairs, in the living room and some in our bedroom.  

So far, I've only put some up in the living room as you can see here and I'm loving it so far.  I do plan to add a gallery wall up the stairs that you can see in the picture as well but that will come.  I did a different style this time around so I think I want to grab a few more frames in different sizes to start the stairs.  I went with a mix of art and personal pictures.  That mirror is one of my favorite decor items, an oldie but goodie from Pottery Barn as well.  I used gift cards to purchase that mirror and one other that will go on the stair gallery wall.  Of course they no longer have them but wish they did for others because they are my favorite.  The colors that are in that mirror are gorgeous shades of teals and turquoise.  

This corner of the house truly looks like a pottery barn store...the lamp, the pillow, the frames, the mirror.  While these items are usually more of a splurge for me they are pieces we've had for years now and I still love them.  If I'm going to spend money on something I really love I can justify it and these items all fit the bill.  

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pillow - pottery barn

lamp - pottery barn, no longer available in this color but clear is available 

frames - pottery barn wood gallery frames, single, multiple, oversized