Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Room Progress and Safaveih Rug

Oh the living room....rugs were a huge part of getting started in this space.  I have visions and this is just the beginning.  My mind is always going when it comes to design...always.  I wanted something neutral so I wouldn't be stuck with one color choice and went with a grey-blue rug by Safaveih that I got on Amazon.  They had the best price out of any online retailer including Overstock and Wayfair too!  So how did I end up looking on Amazon?  I looked at all the stores near me to find a rug and literally liked nothing.  There was a small selection to chose from which didn't help, some stores didn't even have 8x10 in store, only online.  I was feeling discouraged and decided to look on Amazon and BAM!  It also pays to have amazon prime and get free 2 day shipping on a rug.  A large 8x10 rug was shipped to me free and in two days, that's pretty amazing.  Maybe I'm easily amazed....

This is the main living space for our little family.  It's the best place to be to watch a movie or cozy up by the fireplace.  Riggly is pretty happy on his couch all day too.  You can see him curled up in one of the pictures below, he pretty much doesn't move all day.

Here's a list for what I'd like to get done...
- paint the walls, I'm thinking a neutral gray
- hang pictures and art work
- put up curtains
- build built-ins alongside the fireplace
- do some type of feature wall for the fireplace, thinking planking
- a new couch at some point, I'd love a sectional in this space
- new pops of colors with pillows and throws, I'm seeing purples, pinks, greens and blues

Anyway, before I keep rambling, here's where we currently are with our living room.

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  1. HI Christine,Your living room couch looks so comfortable where did you get it?