Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let's talk bar stools

We have a large island in our house that we fit four bar stools at nicely.  We currently have our old bar stools from the first bar height table we ever purchased.  Don't get me wrong they are doing a great job and I'm glad we're getting even more use out of them but I'd like something else...eventually.  I love the texture and the look of the wicker bar stools but then I completely flip flop and love the look of metal.  

You will come to realize I am one of the most indecisive people when it comes down to my choices.  I always get stuck between two and then usually I make my decision and wonder if the other was the better choice.  My husband calls it my "stages" and we usually end up laughing about it.  In the end, it always works out it's just a process of my mind getting there.

Anyway, back to bar stools.  It comes down to an option of wicker like this one:

Or a metal option with a pop of green:

The wicker adds a fun texture to the space but the green brings a fun pop of color.  This is something that I'll be thinking about for awhile.  When did bar stools get so expensive anyway....well for now, here's to dreaming and trying to make up my mind...


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