Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rug updates

So as you may know, I bought two new wool Safavieh rugs.  One rug in the living room and the other in the dining room.  I loved the one in the living room and liked the one in the dining room although the grey color of the rug was appearing to have a purple tint. you may know with wool rugs, they shed.  A LOT.  There was constantly little fibers all along the edges of the rugs on the hardwoods and of course just scattering everywhere along our first floor.  You would walk on the rug and your foot was covered in these little fibers and it was kind of itchy.  We hosted Christmas Eve at our house and after seeing my in-lawas feet all covered in fibers and them looking so confused I was so annoyed and felt embarrassed at how ridiculous our rugs were.  I mean really, I felt embarrassed at the shedding of my rugs...

Then Christmas morning came and I sat on the living room rug to open presents with the hubby and it was so itchy even through my pajama pants that I was beyond annoyed but ignored it since it was Christmas.  I couldn't stop thinking about the dumb rugs all day and that night after we were done with our family parties I literally got out plastic and wrapped up the rugs and had my hubby help me put them in the car to take back to Amazon (UPS) first thing in the morning.  I wanted them out of the house and once I wrapped them up I felt so much better.  I literally swiffered three times in a row and could have done another to be honest and the dry cloth was covered, overflowing basically.  Absolutely not worth it even though I really loved them.  So that was it, I needed two new rugs.

I recently noticed a rug in a blogger's home I'm sure you're all familiar with and if not go check her out,  Addison's Wonderland.  I first saw it after I already had our new rugs and thought I was going to live with them and hope for the best.  In the long run, I'm happy that these rugs didn't exactly work out because I'm over the top excited for this new rug to arrive.  

This rug by nuLoom is a stunning turquoise and comes in other colors too the hubby said no to the purple for the living room.  This rug is already on it's way and I'm hoping it shows up before the new year but with my luck it won't.  

As for the living room, I tried to go with the same style and brand I had before and chose this rug.  Unlike the dining room where I went with something completely different and a fun pop of color.  I figured the colors were the same which I really liked and this rug has synthetic fibers so no shedding which is now my main concern.  

Very similar to the original living room rug but of course, as my luck would have it, I didn't like it as soon as I opened it up.  I did like the style and the colors were okay but since it's a more durable rug it had a blended look to it in the grey color if that makes any sense.  Unfortunately, it just wasn't going to work in our living room.  So another rug, back to Amazon and now another one on it's way from that hopefully, no will be, the winner.

This shag rug has great reviews, no shedding complaints and most say it's soft and comfy.  I like the design and how it's subtle.  I got this rug during their 75% off sale so it was a steal, I would never pay the full price.  This rug hopefully will arrive by the end of next week and I can share pictures of it in our space.

All in all, rugs are a very difficult thing to purchase and get right, well for me anyway.  I love wool because they are thick and plush but the shedding is out of control, especially with the ones I had I know some are better than others.  

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