Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dining Room Updates

Hey all!  I just wanted to check in and show how different (I think) our dining room looks with our new rug that I am in love with.  I seriously think it's my favorite decor in the house!  As you remember, there was the lovely struggle with the previous rug that you can read about here and see below.

I will admit I was not the biggest fan of the color when this rug showed up.  It's supposed to be grey but I think it has a subtle purple hue to it.  The color of our table just clashes with it in my opinion plus the whole wool shedding problem...

Now onto the best rug ever...

Isn't she just gorgeous?  I just love, love, loveee this rug.  It just makes me so happy when I walk downstairs and see it first thing, or when I'm in the kitchen just looking over at it, or when I'm just simply staring at it from wherever I am because I love it that much...okay end long run on sentence ha!

Gah, just one more look for you, I love it!!  I love that the table runner I bought years ago from Pier 1 that ties in so well too.  I'm telling ya, favorite purchase to date (okayyy maybe favorite purchase that goes on the floor.)

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Source List

Safavieh Rug

nuLOOM rug

Dining Room Table

Dining Room Buffet


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