Thursday, November 19, 2015

From where I sit

We've been in the house for two weeks now and are settling in nicely.  Things are coming along and as some find it hard to believe we had the house all unpacked within 3 days of moving in.  The basement has a couple of boxes but they are filled with things that belong in the basement so for the moment they remain.  We will tackle organizing down there a different day.  For now, we are enjoying our space and already starting our project list of things to make this house our home.

We plan to build some shelves in the garage this weekend for some much needed storage.  The hubby planned out a great drawing and everything and went over it with my dad.  Picking up the wood needed and tackling this project Saturday.  Did I mention how amazingly convenient it is to have a contractor for a dad?!  As for the inside, I'm still having fun trying to figure out where I want certain decor and what I need...we most definitely need a couple area rugs and that has been hard to find.  Everything online seems so expensive and everything in my usual stores is too small.  We have a few more places we would like to go and look and hopefully we'll get at least one for now, maybe we'll get lucky and score two, we'll see...

My current view isn't a bad one on this gloomy rainy day.  A little peak inside our living room...


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