Monday, November 16, 2015

Settling in

We've been in the house for 10 days now and it's great to have our own space again.  I'm absolutely in love with our kitchen, my favorite part of the house.  Everything is put away and surprisingly organized which is a huge stress reliever for me.  It's really coming along and there are so many ideas in my head for things to add to make this house a home and one that is ours.  Thoughts of shiplap, shelving, ideas for the laundry room, the master closet....lots of ideas and those are like I said just a few...

Living in a home takes time and you get to make it what you want but I unfortunately don't have a money tree, I'm looking into it ::insert wink face here::

We were lucky to have the help of our parents to get things put away and to help push me to get it done.  I like to put things away where I want them and how I want them, not just shoved in some cabinet so they are out of the way now.  I know that if I did that they would stay that way forever so I refused.  It took a few days but our house no longer looks like a disaster zone and more of a home.  I'm hoping that in the next couple weeks I'll get even more settled as I want to add some of our pictures and art to the walls.  Thank God for command picture hanging strips, I love them!  

Here was the disaster zone which has come a long way...

Like I said, luckily, we no longer have a house full of boxes and each thing you own individually wrapped.  I'm not kidding when I say, think of your stuff and having each thing being wrapped up in lots and lots of packing paper.  My hands hurt from pulling the paper over and over again.  It all paid off though and now my kitchen cabinets look like this goodness...

More to come..


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