Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We got the keys!

I'm so happy to say we finally got the keys to our house.  We are all set and ready to go.  I feel like a kid again leaving home for the first time after being back at my parents for the past (almost) 8 months.  I know this time we are only moving minutes away but it's still a bittersweet feeling.  I'll never have a reason to stay at my parents house again since we live close and it's just strange.  I'm going to miss cuddling on weekend mornings with the pup, he would always come up to sleep with me until I was up.  I'm hoping he'll be happy coming to visit me at our new house, he gets a little anxious when he's not home.  All in all though, we are excited and blessed to finally be moving into this amazing house we'll get to call home. 


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