Thursday, September 17, 2015

A second story

We have a second story which makes the main floor really come together.  Even though you can see through most of the walls the ceiling makes a huge difference.  Seeing this house come together is just altogether amazing.  I absolutely love the fact that we now have a porch with this house.  Our last house was a simple colonial style and completely flat.  We have two peaks and a porch that give the house so much dimension.

I'm standing in what will be our dinning room looking out with the kitchen to my right and the living room to my left.

This is our living room with a fireplace that I am so excited about!  I wanted a fireplace in our last house so bad but we couldn't afford to do it so this time around I made sure we could.  Our plan is to put the TV above the fireplace.  I know this is one of those debates that you should or your shouldn't do that.  We honestly like it and we'll do it.  Done. 

This is walking out of our front hallway.  The front entry, basement staircase, and our office are all behind me.

It's hard really get a sense of this but here we are upstairs.  Lots of temporary supports are still up so pictures don't really work so well.  I figured I'd share but it'll look more like a room later on and I'll share then.  This area I'm in will be our loft.

Here's the lovely and amazing, did I say amazing ::big smiles:: hubby and I.  He really is the best husband anyone could ask for.  He works hard and does everything to make me happy...he's doing a great job.


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