Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome to Ashwood

Hi all!  I'm Christine and I want to share my journey with you.  My husband Jason, our cat Riggly and I are building our second home and I figured I'd take you along for the ride. 

After college we moved an hour and a half away from friends and family.  You think that's not too bad but you're wrong.  That was just close enough that we were expected to be home for everything, and far enough away that it drained us each weekend.  After six years of feeling like we were nomads, since we had one home where we paid our mortgage, and another home where we lived our lives, it was time to make a decision.  It was either move back or move farther away.  We made the decision to move back to our hometown.  Lucky for us, we met in high school so we have the same group of friends and family in the same city.  It was an easy decision to come back, this is where we belong.

So with all of that, I'll start you on how our adventures began...

I know we are extremely lucky and blessed to be building a home, especially a second time.  We are building our home with David Homes, a custom home builder in our area and I am in love with it. We're lucky this time around as our first home sold within two days of being on the market which is just amazing.  We've been living with my parents, and without a mortgage payment, we've been able to save up enough that we were able to get more of the finishing touches I love.  Trust me, the hubby loves everything about this house too but he would live in a shack and be happy if we're being totally honest. 

Let's get started on the building process...

This is a picture of the foundation being started from the front left of the house.  It's funny because it looks so small but it's really 2,500 square feet.  Funny how things look smaller without walls and ceilings...

This is a couple days later when the basement foundation walls were completely poured and set.  This picture is also from the back of the house.  Framing is up next! 

I hope you'll stick around for this adventure


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