Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The roof

There's a roof so does that mean we can move in yet?  During this building process we have been living with my parents.  It's honestly been fun and we're lucky enough to have family to put up with us and the Riggle Monster (the cat's nickname) for six months so far.  It has been amazing in the saving money department and we couldn't be more grateful for that so we could build this amazing home.  

The roof is BP Twilight Gray and I love the dimension it creates with the two tone look of black and charcoal.  

Here is the view from the back.  Our plan is to put a concrete patio to the left of the morning room in that rectangle area.  We don't want a deck because we don't want to be up high and the last patio we had just shifted so much from winters and everything else.  We decided concrete is the way to go and we like the look of it so, we're going with that.  

More to come, insulation is next but that's not really that fun to look at so I may spare you until drywall...


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