Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There's drywall!

Once drywall goes up you feel like you're ready to move in, or at least I do.  You finally get to see the space come together and that's exciting to say the least. 

Here is our morning room with light pouring in.  I love the windows and with the drywall up this room is really coming together.

Our living room with the fireplace in and surround up.  

Our kitchen area.  I love that the stairs in our house come down right in the center of the house, the kitchen to the left and living room to the right.

This is the view when you walk up the stairs.  We opted for a loft here instead of closing off the space for a fourth bedroom.  We currenlty do not need that space and like the open concept for now until we need that space, if ever, down the road.

Here is the view looking left from the top of the stairs.  I love that we have a nice open hallway up here.  There is a bedroom to the left of where I am standing, the loft to the right and then up there on the right another bedroom.  In front of me is the main bathroom (right) and the laundry room (left).  Our master suite is all the way to the left.  

We are getting closer to finally calling this house our home and I cannot wait.  All of the drywall taping takes some time but we'll get there.  I can't wait to share more with you.  I will share more once the walls are at least primed and we have the trim going up.  Thanks for following along on this journey.


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