Friday, October 2, 2015

Kitchen happiness

The first coat of paint/primer was done and I thought for sure the floors would be next, at least the hardwoods before anything else downstairs.  When we showed up to take a look and the kitchen cabinets were almost completely in I was so excited I actually squealed.  

Here's my hubby standing excitedly at our kitchen island that's a whopping seven feet long (break into happy dance).  There are still two cabinets that need to be installed on the wall behind Jason.  Seeing the kitchen with these amazing white cabinets makes my heart sing.  

That opening is where our fridge will go and it fits perfectly in that space which I love.  The area next to the fridge will have a charging station so I picture this area being our "catch all" even though I say we will keep this house neat but let's be happens and so do messes.  I could stare at this photo all day and do whenever I need a smile on my face.  I'm in love and it's not even close to being in it's finished state.  

Next will be trim and I can't wait to see how everything pops once it's in.  We're getting closer...


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