Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Landscaping surprise

With our builder we were told in the beginning that we would receive a hydroseeded lawn and a tree would be planted in front of our house near the street.  Imagine our surprise when we drove up to the house and saw actual landscaping.  

It was pretty funny because my husband and I drove up and I immediately noticed he did not.  I broke into my crazy, happy dance and kept pointing.  Jason was just looking at me going "What, what, I don't see it..."  I looked at him and kept pointing thinking how can he not notice and he again said "what?"  I had to actually point out the landscaping and then he was on my level, so shocked and excited.  A couple of our neighbors walked out and were just as shocked and asked if we knew we were getting landscaping.  We told them we had no idea until that moment.  They were shocked as well and said no one ever got landscaping and that was a big deal.  Luckily, it looks amazing and we are happy with it and still shocked, a good shocked.

The lawn was going to be hydroseeded the day after this picture was taken so by the time you are reading this we will have seed down.

Here's a closer view but of course the sun was going down and my lovely shadow is right there.  I didn't want to walk on the nicely leveled top soil to take a picture from the other angle.

So there you have it, we have landscaping and we are thrilled.  We are thinking either the builder changed his mind and decided to do this instead of a tree by the street OR this is a nice little bonus since our moving date is at least a month behind schedule.  Whichever the case, we are thrilled as this wasn't going to get done until next spring and now it's done and perfect.  What do you think?


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