Monday, October 5, 2015

Trim makes a pop

The trim is all done and wow, does it make everything pop!  We didn't pay to have crown molding put in right away as we'll have my dad do it down the road.  Even with the windows and baseboard I am happy.  Our last house didn't have trim on any windows and let me tell you, it makes a crazy awesome difference.

Not the greatest pictures but so you can see the difference here.  I love white trim.

When we started this process the one thing I had to have was a fireplace.  (Okay, okay, I say it was the one thing I HAD to have but let's be serious, my list was a mile long!)  I love the focal point it creates in the living room and, of course, the coziness factor.  The trim work has been finished and the fireplace is looking great, just needs to be grouted.  I love this fireplace and can't wait to curl up next to it.

Just to get an idea, here's the trim work around some doors and the baseboard.  It really makes such a difference in the entire house.  

I won't bore you with more pictures of trim but siding is up next and I can't wait to share that.  Stay tuned!


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